8 Best Massage Tools 2022

8 best massage tools 2022

With national (and global) anxiety at an all-time high because of the pandemic, getting a massage right now sounds truly lovely. But visiting a professional massage therapist or having a masseuse at home is out of the question while we’re sheltered in place. So we have the next-best option: a curated list of the best massage tools that you can buy online and use yourself in the comfort of your own home, from electric rollers to heated Shiatsu massagers, many of which come recommended by experts. Here are the best massage tools we’ve written about on the Strategist. (One more tip: These massagers make great gifts for almost any person on your list)

Massage tools guide 2022

Tools mentioned below are simple and safe that can be used anytime over the clothing. You can keep them in your car, travel bag, or even an office desk.

Massage Chair

Massage Chair

Not everyone has to money or time to get regular massages done by a professional masseur. Electric massage chairs used to cost a fortune, but that is no longer the case.
The massage chair offers a complete massage experience with a lot of benefits. These units use predefined or customizable massage programs to massage all your body, starting from your neck and finishing with your toes.

The best massage chair should consist of quality materials, have many useful features such as heat and zero gravity, Air Ionizer, airbags, and an extended warranty. No need to fix any appointments or adjust your schedule as you can use the massage chair at your convenience

Massage chairs give a massage experience that cannot be replicated by any other massage tool, not even by massage professionals.

Massage Gun

Massage Gun

Massage guns, also known as percussive massage gun and vibration massage therapy, offer many of the benefits of massage without any expense or the hassle of a visit to the massage masseur — 

This handheld electric tool, which starts at roundabout $100 and potent percussion vibration, giving you 1800-3400 strokes per minute depending on the speed you select It typically comes with a selection of attachments, such as balls of varying density and finger-like points, and has different settings. The massage gun aims to 

  • reduce pain and aches 
  • help to relax tight muscles
  • Break up scar tissue and adhesion

Massage Cushion:

Massage Cushion

Massage seat cushion or Massage chair pad gives you full back massage that is helpful in upper back, middle back, lower back, hips and thighs. Massage cushion can be put on massage chair, sofa, bench or car seat.

It is very helpful as it can be used in many situations to provide you relief either you are working at office or driving, even at home you can use it while reading or writing.

Advantage of using massage cushions is that they provide a very in-depth massage. Most of these units are capable of massaging most of your body, starting with your shoulder, and continuing with your back, hips, buttocks, and thighs.

On the whole, Massage cushions are beneficial product that offer you a delightful massage. Massage cushions are favorable convenient and powerful enough to give you pain relief. 

Neck and Shoulder Massager

Neck and Shoulder Massager

Neck and shoulder massager help you to eliminate muscle tension. If you suffer from tension or pain this massage tool will help you to relieve the pressure.

It wraps right around your neck and shoulders, with bend you can thread your arms through to add pressure for better result. It have heat function you can turn on to get soothing relief

Easily slide the balls covering your neck, and they knead out the knots and kinks with a feeling remarkably like that of real hands. It has hand straps, and you can thread your needles through while still keeping them free to work

Deep tissue back and body massager Handheld deep tissue massager are portable massage tools in the market. This handheld percussion massage tool soothes post-workout soreness and pain in your shoulders, back, neck, legs, calves, and feet—leaving you relaxed and rejuvenated.

Its powerful motor delivers 3600 pulses per minute to give a deep tissue massage that efficiently removes all kinks and knots from the body and stimulates muscle improvement. Additionally, the massager’s short body and cordless design make it easy to carry it in your travel or carry bag or carry-on.

It is basically a deep tissue massage tool that pinpoints a particular area of your body, increase circulation and improve the muscles flexibility

Foot Massager

Foot Massager

No matter if you are frequently on your feet or regularly working, out playing sports, or have a condition that causes your foot pain – you need to find relief.

Foot massager helps you to stimulate your feet, leg muscles and blood flow via soft kneading.

These Units use different massage techniques to massage your feet, and most of them come with varying settings of intensity so that you can customize your massage sessions as per your interest.

Foot massagers are available in many different types, making it easy to find the perfect model for a relaxing massage experience.  You can even find some foot massager’s lightweight suitable for travel.

Eye Massager

Eye Massager

If you stare at a computer screen or focus on a point for hours a day, your ocular muscles become tired from being firmly stuck in the same position.

The stiffness and lack of relaxation can restrict blood flow to the eye and result in dark circles, crow’s eye, eye weakness, blurred vision, and headaches.

The best eye massagers are handheld devices with many health benefits for the eyes. If you have puffy eyes or circle around your eyes because of your hectic work, this is one of the best remedies.

Eye massagers are designed to relax your tired eyes. The best Electric eye massager has built-in features to support the eye massage and stimulation of eye areas that need relaxation.

The eye massagers stimulate to relieve eyes of pressure. The massagers relieve eyes from eye strains, temple pressure, facial pain, and headaches, among other eye-related issues.

Tens Unit

Massage Tens Unit

TENS stands for transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation designed to improve your muscles’ elasticity and flexibility. TENS provide relief by using low voltage electrical currents to help relieve pain.

TENS is perhaps one of the most innovative methods of helping to reduce nerve, joint, and muscular pain

Tens units are the most popular method in pain relief, the tens unit is an affordable version of massage tools for home use to provide relief. 

The tens unit is a self-massage tool that is portable and easy to carry. Most of these units are not larger than your smartphone, and they have long lead wires that will allow you to connect the electrode pads to your body even when you’re moving.

TENS units can also provide a relaxing massage adventure. You can select different intensity settings to adjust the units’ power as per your needs.

Massage Table

Portable Massage Table

Massage is an excellent way of relieving stress and tiredness after long hardworking days. A high-quality portable Massage Table is indispensable for a massage that can significantly impact the overall massage experience.

Besides your skill, a massage table is a vital tool needed to ensure effective treatment and client satisfaction.

Portable massage tables allow you massages in the comfort of your own home. These tables come with everything you need to get started right away, including a removable facial cradle, arm supports, a thick foam deck for comfort, and a sturdy bag to put it all in.

Most portable massage tables are easy to set up and fold; they’re made out of aluminium or wood, the tables use steel support cables to keep their stability during the massage.



Massage tools have beneficial effects on our physical and mental health. A professional massage requires time and money but self-massage help you to get relaxation by doing it yourself.  Self-massage have a lot of benefits including relief in stress, better blood circulation and sound sleep.

The fundamental thing you should know about self-massage tools is that they are designed for the purpose of massage or relaxation but come in many forms, dimensions, and price limits. Just because a massager is smaller or cheaper than another doesn’t surely mean it’s less effective; it just means it’s designed with another purpose in mind.