Top 10 Best Calf Massager Reviews & Buyer Guides 2022

Best Calf Massager

Looking forward to a foot and calf massage after a long hard day at work is impressive. It is not just a way to relax but to rejuvenate your energy in your tired feet and release tension in your calves.

Now that there are many massaging machines and devices that you can easily use to massage your calves and feet, how do you know which one is the right one for you?

Now that is a question you need to be answered. And by the end of it, we are sure you will decide based on all the compiled information on some of the best affordable calf massagers in the market.

Top Picks Of 2022 Best Electronic Calf Massagers:

Coming to the central part of this article, here are some of the most highly recommended calf and foot massagers that should be on the list of your top picks. They certainly are for us! We will consider all the merits and demerits and provide you with our final verdict keeping all the points in mind.

1. Human Touch Reflex5s” Foot & Calf Shiatsu Massager:Human Touch Reflex5s” Foot & Calf Shiatsu Massager

This massaging device has its own patented 8-figure track technology of human touch.

This technology works with the principle of pushing the blood flow in legs from the outside to the body’s center to maximize your body’s blood circulation.

In addition, it has the feature of reclining your massager at a comfortable angle so you can easily take your feet out of the massager and wash them.

Human Touch Reflex5s” Foot & Calf Shiatsu Massager consists of shiatsu roller and vibration modes that have two intensities to choose from. Overall this massager is adequate in providing you with pain relief.


Promotes blood circulation.
Easy to wash foot sleeves.
Adjustable angle.


Only two modes of intensities.
Too intense for larger claves and feet.


2. Foot & Calf Shiatsu Massager by Cloud Massage:Foot & Calf Shiatsu Massager by Cloud Massage

Foot & Calf Shiatsu Massager by Cloud Massage provides three methods:

  • Heat
  • Air compression
  • Vibration

This device consists of rotating balls that massage and target the bottom and the sides of your feet. This massager is unfortunately not able to massage both your calves and feet at the same time. Instead, you have to get your feet, and claves get massaged separately.

The redeeming point of the Foot & Calf Shiatsu Massager by Cloud Massage is that it has different settings to adjust the three modes’ intensities according to your requirement. In addition, it has kneading nodes with air pressure cuffs that can be used with wide ranges and combinations of customized massages.

The nodes apply the right amount of pressure to the trigger points in your calves. This whole device can provide relief efficiently from aches and pains from stress or calf injuries.

  • Different intensities.
  • Customizable massage combinations.
  • Three shiatsu massage modes.
  • Does not provide simultaneous massage of feet and calves.



3. Therapist Select Foot and Calf Massager:Therapist Select Foot and Calf Massager

The Therapist Select Foot and Calf Massager is available to you at an excellent affordable price with unique features that will satisfy your massage needs.

For example, it contains kneading shiatsu massaging nodes that will knead the tightness in your calf muscles away. Not just that, but it also provides compression and a rolling squeeze of our feet’ arches and soles. Some of its features include:

  • Heat
  • Adjustable tilt
  • Removable and washable massage liners

Compared to other pricy massagers, this massager offers a broader selection of intensity levels for its users than other massagers in its range. If you have wider calves, then this model might be a tight fit for you. The only downside to this massager is that some users find the lowest setting of intensity string for liking.

  • Wide range of intensity levels.
  • Heat feature.
  • Adjustable tilt.
  • Strong massage.
  • Not suitable for wider calves.
  • No remote control.
  • Intensity setting too strong.

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4. OsimuPhoria Warm:OsimuPhoria Warm

This top-of-the-line massager provides you with multiple massage modes in just one massaging device. This massager has a patented kneading massage called calf gliding.

This technique is based on chine Tui Na style foot massage used to stimulate your chi by relieving pain. This device also uses another patented wrap-around kneading massage of your calves and feet. This device focuses on your pressure points. It offers two massage modes:

  • Heat features
  • Vibration feature

You can choose from various eight massage programs like high heel recoveries to sport-related injury or recovery-related massages. The OsimuPhoria Warm offers you the most massaging modes of any other massaging device or model.

  • High quality.
  • Durable.
  • Wide range of massage selection programs.
  • Quite costly.
  • The heating feature is lacking.


5. Miko Foot Massager Shiatsu Machine:Miko Foot Massager Shiatsu Machine

The Miko Foot Massager Shiatsu Machine massages and covers your calves, feet, heels, and ankles.

It is also less costly and affordable than other cloud massaging models while offering more features to you. The elements it provides you include:

  • Heating
  • Vibration
  • Adjustable pressure
  • Shiatsu compression style compression
  • Rolling style of massage

These features offer the most comfortable features found in other massagers. It can also rotate with a 360-degree angle with deep kneading 40pressure nodes that successfully trigger reflexology points in your feet and calves.

Many buyers report that Miko Foot Massager Shiatsu Machine has had problems working for longer than a year.

  • Remote control access to settings.
  • 360degree adjustable mobility.
  • Target more areas.
  • Only target one place separately.
  • Not able to massage different areas at the same time.



6. Human Touch “Sol” Foot & Calf Shiatsu Massager:Human Touch “Sol” Foot & Calf Shiatsu Massager

Human Touch “Sol” Foot & Calf Shiatsu Massager also has a patented massage technique called the figure eight massaging action.

It is said to be more effective for stimulating blood circulation and oxygenation of your body. It provides:

  • Heat
  • Vibration
  • 3-automated massage programs
  • Two intensity level options

This calf massager has a fantastic height-adjustable mechanism that gives you the comfort of adjusting your calves inside the massager. In addition, this massager can offer you many benefits like:

  • Easy to clean
  • Zipper on the inner lining
  • Wash them in the washing machine

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  • Easy to clean.
  • Provides good blood circulation.
  • Adjustable height.
  • Various modes and different intensities.
  • Auto massage modes.
  • Not suitable for tiny feet.



7. Expansion Wellness Foot and Calf Massager Rolling Massage:Expansion Wellness Foot and Calf Massager Rolling Massage

This massaging device goes the extra mile to make your feet relaxed and tension-free. It not only massages your claves but lower calves as well. It has a heating feature that will soothe all your pain and aches in your feet and calves.

It also provides you with vibration massage with the help of shiatsu nodes that take out all the tension and knots in your calf muscles by kneading and rolling your muscle tissue. It can fit almost any shoe size and is suitable for men and women alike.

The Expansion Wellness Foot and Calf Massager Rolling Massage has a screen display that can easily view all the settings and modes with an accompanied remote control for your convenience.

This massaging device does not contain an adjustable tilt feature, but you can certainly enjoy a customized combined effect of deep heat shiatsu massage with vibration.

  • Remote control.
  • LCD screen display.
  • Vibrating and heating feature.
  • Comfortable shiatsu massage.
  • Non-adjustable tilt.
  • Too intense for large feet and wider calves.



8. VITALZEN Plus®:

VITALZEN PlusThis calf massager is expensive, but it is packed with many features worthy of the price. All the combined features include:

  • Air compression
  • Shiatsu massage rollers
  • Vibration
  • Heating

The airbag compression future contains 30 mini airbags that feel like a squeezing sensation on your calves and feet. You can easily massage your calves and feet inside these massagers. Still, the best thing about these massagers is that the upper portion of the massager can be folded into a position so you can massage your thighs and knees with all the massage modes.

This model has two wheels under it for portability purposes and comes with a two-year warranty.

  • Portable.
  • 2 section foldable.
  • The heating feature is not included in the feet massage.
  • Expensive.
  • Bulky.



9. Infinity Shiatsu Foot & Calf Massager:

Infinity Shiatsu Foot & Calf MassagerThe unique benefits and features of the Infinity Shiatsu Foot & Calf Massager include:

  • Aircompression
  • Shiatsu massage
  • Heat
  • Percussion massage

Rather than use the vibrating feature, this massaging device uses a tapping motion on your heels that prevents o treats your plantar fasciitis. Suppose you have suffered through all the pain and ache from this medical condition.

In that case, this is the perfect massager for you to invest in. it not only provides you with a high-quality massage at an affordable price but covers all your leg areas, including our calf, feet, and heel. It is suitable for people who are taller and have longer legs.

  • Provides deep muscle tissue massage.
  • It helps relieve pain for medical conditions like plantar fasciitis ad bunions.
  • No remote control.
  • It does not cover your whole calves.
  • No tilt adjustment.



10. Human Touch Reflex Swing Pro Leg Massager:Human Touch Reflex Swing Pro Leg Massager

Human Touch Reflex Swing Pro Leg Massager is from the brand human touch and has the same patented eight-figure massage track as the previous model.

However, in this model, the foot massager is fixed, while the arm in which you can massage your calves can be adjusted at any five different required angles. These angles are designed to target calf muscles.

The rollers inside the shiatsu massager move in a figure-eight motion to promote blood circulation efficiently. The massager has two features at two different intensities:

  • Vibration feature
  • Heat feature

According to a review of some users, it is gathered that people with large feet find the massage to be a little intense. The feet compartment is not able to fit all sizes, only selective and average-sized feet.

  • Can adjust up to 5 different position angles.
  • Covers all calf areas during a massage.
  • The heating feature soothes all the aches and pain of a busy day.
  • Too intense for feet on the bigger side.
  • No remote control.



Why do you need a calf and foot massager?

Many doctors and researchers have earnestly studied the effects of calf and foot massage in detail. People have been getting their claves massages since ancient’s times.

Now thankfully, some convenient electric massagers do all the work for you. You do not need to pay a masseuse every time you want a massage. There are many types of therapies you can like:

  • Physical therapy.
  • Athletic therapy.
  • Spa treatments and more.

Here some of the widespread benefits of a good calves and feet massage are given:

  • Boost in blood circulation:

The blood circulation throughout the body is what keeps us alive. Hence a good blood circulation determines the overall health of your body.

When your job requirement is to sit all day long in front of a desk or wear tight shoes all day or even tight pants with plaque buildup in your arteries and blood vessels cause’s symptoms of poor blood flow.

All you need is a few minutes on a calf massager now and then, and your blood circulation with your oxygenation will improve significantly. It is imperative to live a healthy and long life.

  • Full-body relaxation:

If your legs are tired, your whole body is tired. People who have jobs that need you to stand for an extended period or involve you to be on your feet a lot need to invest in a calf massager pronto.

According to reflexology studies, massaging the trigger points in your feet helps your entire body relax. Did you know that hands and feet have nerves that are connected to different organs and body parts?

If you stimulate those trigger points, your nervous system becomes calm after a hard day at work.

  • Improves your mood:

Modern research shows that calf and foot massage reduces stress and alleviates symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Why? Reflexology claims that when you get a massage, your nerves calm down and releases a chemical in your brain called serotonin and dopamine.

These two chemicals secreted in your nervous system are responsible for your stable and healthy moods. So, with the help of calf and foot massagers, you can quickly lower your stress level and maintain apparent mental health that will make you feel better.

  • Healthy sleep cycle:

A good massage will lower any high-stress level in a matter of minutes. For example, did you know that high stress and tension in your body prevent you from having a good night’s sleep?

Hence investing in a calf massager that will, without a doubt, improve your sleep, help you relax, and relieve tension in your body after a long, frustrating day at work; in addition, a massager is a perfect way to get some me-time for yourself.

  • Builds tolerance for fatigue:

Your muscles become tight and filled with tension when your blood flow is slow. Hence a perfect setting for fatigue to set in. a good foot massage will give you back the strength with improved blood circulation in the mix.

It is an ideal cure for releasing tension in the muscles, relieving any aches and pains in your calf, feet, and leg muscles.

  • Quick pain relief:

Painful medical conditions like plantar fasciitis, arthritis, or neuropathy in the feet are pretty common these days. Managing these pains can be difficult daily.

You can take medicines, but pain medicines are often powerful and filled with steroids that are very harmful to your body and function. Pain relief drugs, not to mention, dulls your scenes and makes you sluggish throughout the day.

In most cases, it hinders people from performing their typical day-to-day tasks and jobs. On the other hand, wasting money on a massage from a professional masseuse might drain your bank account dry.

So the most affordable and accessible solution for pain relief that is healthy is an electric calf massager.

An excellent foot massage can get rid of the pain. It can also help with migraines, headaches, backaches, and neck and shoulder pains. In addition, all the miseries affiliated with the stagnant blood flow in your body and muscle tension can bend from a foot and calf massage.

  • Improves overall daily performance:

Your mood, along with other things, take a nose dive if you have tight calf muscles in your legs. It can impact your range of motion, flexibility, and day-to-day activities. That includes the performance at your job as well.

You always look and work our best at your office as it is your workplace and livelihood. Hence by making sure that your calves are tense free your body is tension-free and creates a balance in your body.

Now comes the important part of the article where we guide and give you some pointers on choosing your electronic calf massager.

A word of advice: foot and calf massagers cost a little more than your traditional massagers as they require some heavy machines and features for your feet and calves.

  • Heat function and capacity:

Heat plays an essential role in relieving your claves and feet from pain and improving blood circulation.

The heat helps you loosen tight muscles and get rid of tensions in them as well. A shiatsu massage is very beneficial for you. Hence it is a vital feature to have in your calf massaging device.

  • Vibration:

Vibration not only stimulates a healthy blood flow but invigorates your muscles anew. Customers prefer the vibration massage mode as the kneading massage or method can be harsh and intense for some users.

It depends on the user, massages he finds valuable and tolerable in their massage techniques. If you want to mix up your massage routine or try something new in your shiatsu massage, then it is good to have a model that can provide you with some variety in their massaging modes.

Vibrational massage is more successful in penetrating right through your muscles and gives you instant relief.

  • Auto massage programs and their intensities:

When you buy a good, high-quality massager, you need to check for all the modes of massages it provides. Your massager has various pre-programmed massages that offer different types of massage techniques.

Using these techniques, you can build the customized massage combinations that work best for you.

For example, you need two different massage modes to relieve the tightness in your calves and a different method to improve diabetic neuropathy. Other massagers have auto massage programs that cannot change their message type but their intensity levels.

  • Adjustable features:

Some massagers come with an adjustable base on the step-in calf massager models. This feature allows you to title the bottom to increase the comfort level of the massage.

There is also a feature of adjustable height for people who are on the taller side. However, taller people have long legs; hence, massagers with this feature cannot sufficiently cover their users’ legs.

So if you are taller than average height, they keep an eye out for this feature in your massager.

  • Auto shutoff program:

This safety feature is for people who tend to fall asleep during their massages. But here’s a hint if you are relaxed enough to sleep during your massage, then hey! It is working!

Coming back, if you are asleep, then you won’t be there to shut off the device. Hence an automatic shutoff feature will come in handy in these situations. It also helps those people who have trouble reaching the massager controls.

  • Assessable controls:

Your calf massager should be accessible and easy to understand. What is a use of a massager if you cannot use it to its full potential due to its complicated user interface?

And what use will it be if you can’t reach it often enough to receive a message that is best suited to you. that is why it is essential to have an easy-to-access and understand control panel.

  • Portability:

It is preferable to look for a calf and foot massager that is lightweight and easy to carry around. It would even be better if it had handles at the side of it of your convenience.