Disadvantages of Using a Massage Chair

Massage Chair Disadvantages

Massage chairs are becoming very popular in current years, due to the broad range of features they offer, all in the convenience of your own home. Forty million Americans are using Massage therapy every year. Visiting a masseuse can be expensive and time-consuming. That is true if it needs to happen once a week.

In today’s world, roughly 90% of people experience joint pain like back pain and neck pain. Stressful lifestyle, incorrect posture, or continuous lying conditions are the main reasons behind this. The massage chair helps to reduce these painful situations and have lots of benefits.

While massage chairs are lovely, there is no way to replicate a masseuse wholly (at least not yet.) A masseuse can directly communicate with you. They can use that communication to target the areas you need; chairs can’t do that.

 When we buy something, we always consider checking it before finally buying it. Then, why not do the same while you are purchasing the massage chairs. It can be a focusing factor for you to purchase the chairs. You will also be able to know if the thing is going to be useful. Before buying, know the advantages and disadvantages of the chairs very carefully. Like most things in life, massage chairs also come with pros & cons.

Now we are going to discuss the most significant drawbacks of a massage chair briefly.

Drawbacks of Using a Massage Chair

While massage chairs are lovely, there is no way to replicate a masseuse entirely. A masseuse can directly interact with you, and they can use that information to target the areas you need; chairs can’t do that. There are small side effects from the improper and over-use of massage chairs.

Less efficient:

 While massage chairs come with numerous bells & whistles, they can not perform every massage kindly. Some muscle pains can only be relieved by a licensed masseuse.

While massage chairs offer many advantages, such as improving blood flow, helping you relax, and relieving from pains, but they do have their conclusions. The latest massage chairs have unique features that are not as effective as going to a massage therapist or a chiropractor.

Especially having had an injury or suffer from constant pains in particular areas of your body, We firmly suggest you go to a licensed massage therapist. These chairs are quite big and bulky, so if space is difficult for you, you might consider where you’re going to store your chair before purchasing one.

Limited functions:

Massage chairs are limited in their attributes since the rollers and nodes can not reach many bodies. If you have several discomforts in these areas, you need to see a masseuse relieve the pain. Mostly good massage chairs come with maximum features. It completely relaxes the body with a decrease in the pain level.

There are certain cases where a qualified specialist will work effectively. Because specialists will know the exact reason for injury and how much pressure will apply to specific muscle groups, it will not affect the body functions.

The massage chair has its shortcomings as it works at only specific areas of the body. It works very well on various joints like the knee, back, neck, etc. But it cannot reach many spots, such as the face where massage would not work.

Mostly good massage chairs come with maximum features. It completely relaxes the body with a lessening in the pain level. But there are certain cases where a qualified specialist will work effectively. Massage chairs are limited in the qualities they can perform before the rollers and nodes can’t reach several bodies. If you have several discomforts in these areas, you need to visit a masseuse to relieve the pain.

Restrictions on user height and weight:

It might be difficult if you live in a place with limited space. Some massage chairs can weigh as much as 265 lbs. and measure as long as 81 inches reclined.

We recommend you make sure to check the weight and dimensions of the massage chair before making a purchase. Trust me; massage chairs are not something you want to move around too often.

The chair’s heavyweight is also the con of the product because it is designed from electronic equipment, making it heavier. Due to its weight, it is challenging to carry it from one place to another place.

 Most massage chairs have a higher user weight. Unfortunately, this prevents heavier users who might benefit significantly from a massage session.

If you are above 6 feet and more than 220 lbs., we recommend reviewing the product features and descriptions carefully before purchasing. The largest manufacturers would state the highest height and weight allowed.

 Now, most decent massage chairs allow up to 6’2 in height and up to 240 lbs. in weight. If you are a giant of a man (or woman), standing more than 6’2, weighing more than 240 lbs, Lyreco robotics 7 Pluses Medical Massage Chair is the excellent recommended massage chair made USA for users up to 6’7 in height and 300 lbs.


 Massage chairs with more features are costly as contrasted to the less-expensive ones. Although! You can also easily buy a massage chair for just a few hundred dollars. But a professional massage chair that has more features comes in a thousand dollars. So it would be enough if you had considerable investment in buying a good option for regular use. However, this will be beneficial in the long term because a massage session in a spa or center is more expensive than a massage chair.

Installation and Storage:

The massage chairs are mostly heavy and over-sized. The connection process of these machines is not simple. They require considerable space for storage and installation. So everyone can’t afford them with limited space. Although massage chairs are smart, complex, and accurate and have many complete full-body scans and so on.

repairing massage chair

In some cases, it is safer to go with a therapist/chiropractor. In the case of people with injuries, muscle pain, or other problems, a specialist will know precisely how much pressure to apply for a specific issue. 

Specifically, what muscles group to operate and how to approach every victim/customer, depending on their personal needs. The massage chairs’ difficulties are that the chairs’ specific programming might not allow massaging in all body parts.

Another point is that the chair covers a lot of places. However, these limitations cannot hinder one from buying the chair as the good points overcome the negative aspects. Hence, it would help if you purchased these seats and alternatively bring warmth to your home.


Although it might yet be more economical in the long run than going to a masseuse every week, massage chairs come with a hefty price tag. You can find cheap massage chairs on Amazon for a few hundred dollars. Still, I suggest you skip them if you want any benefits connected with using a quality massage chair. Quality massage chairs go for as much as 10K dollars.

The least we recommend for a decent massage chair would be around the 2,000 dollar mark. Massage chairs can be moderately expensive. Suppose you want a professional massage chair capable of providing the complexity and features of a traditional, human-uttered massage. In that case, you can end up paying even thousands of dollars.

 However, in the long run, you will get your money’s worth it because you won’t have to pay for massage sessions and gas to get to the massage center.

Physical Injuries:

The chair’s wrong usage can lead to injuries, or even worse, aggravation of a current injury or medical situation. Before the first use, spend some time reading through the user’s manual.

Those four-wheel safari massages can have you ending up with broken bones and extremely irritated nerves. These types of physical injuries are costly. (Again avoid unnecessary expenses) The mental difficulties developed by going over the side of 4 runners are hard to bounce back. Though, the need to find professional and certified massage therapists.

Yes, make sure your message is in a professional setting and on a comfortable massage. So, now you can be sure of avoiding injuries, relax in total confidence and even save on mosquito repellant!


 A professional therapist will always respect your convenience. All we focus on is your needs and making sure your leave is better than when you arrived. Massage is personal, and touch is required, but never should anyone feel nervous in the slightest.

Massage therapies are usually executed with the patient lying on a bed and with their bodies half-naked and covered in a white cloth. If your massager is also half-naked, you are at the wrong establishment and may want to book that Safari massage, after all. Avoid these unusual conditions by reading the reviews.


The force applied to relieve tension and pain with Shiatsu and deep tissue massage settings may cause residual pain. Both the nerves & muscles may be lightly irritated through improper use of the deep tissue massage settings on your home massage chair. Any uneasiness is generally mild and only lasts for a few hours after the massage or, in exceptional cases, a few days, and decreases automatically.


 If someone has circulatory difficulties, he may need to consult the doctor before undertaking a home massage chair or any massage remedy, particularly if you have previously experienced blood clotting or deep vein thrombosis, which may note by massage. While advanced massage chairs can come with many smart features and functionality, they are not as productive as performing to a massage therapist or a chiropractor.


If you are allergic to leather & related materials, you may experience a slight allergic reaction with the massage chair. If you know you have already an allergy to your chair’s fabric, be sure to wear clothing that fully covers skin that would come into contact with the chair. Proper attire should prevent any allergic reactions.


 The massage treatment helps to discharge enzymes and toxins accumulated in your muscles—advised to drink an excess of water during the following massage. Water will he toxins from the body quicker. Suppose The immune system is not functioning correctly for any reason. Consult your doctor before starting massage therapy to avoid possible difficulties caused by toxins released during a massage.


headache using massage chair

A similar study determined that approximately 1% of test subjects had difficulty 12 hours after their massage treatment. However, those encountering headaches stated that their headaches went away within 24 hours or less as well.

The National University of Health Sciences also discovered that test subjects encountered positive side effects including,

  • Enhanced circulatory function (over 3% of test subjects)
  • Enhanced respiratory function (over 3% of test subjects)
  • Bettered digestion (5.5% of test subjects)
  • And almost 10% of test subjects reported an improvement in mood and well-being. Hence 23% of test subjects encountered positive changes unrelated to their primary health complaint before a massage.


  According to the National University of Health Sciences (Illinois), roughly 1% of their test group experienced weakness 24 hours or less. Make sure to get a light chair because it is perfect for you. Massage is the right way that you should start your day from this. It provides energy to your body and keeps it active. It also helps to maintain vitality and wellness.


 Suppose you are hypersensitive to leather or other related materials. In that case, you may experience a slight allergic reaction to your massage chair. If you know you already have an existing allergy to your chair’s fabric, be sure to wear clothing that fully covers it. Proper attire should prevent any allergic reactions.

Notably, suppose you have an impairment or experience continuous pains in specific areas of your body. In that case, we remarkably recommend you go to an authorized massage therapist or a chiropractor.

Adverse Effects of Massage Chairs

With all the advantages that massage chairs come along with, it cannot say that massage therapies through massage chairs are the solution to all your health problems.

Things like the wrong message application or certain medical conditions may activate severe side effects.

An Incorrect Massage Application

improper use of massage chair

The body composition of every person is different. Apart from that, everyone has several health issues to deal with; therefore, we all need customized massage therapies.

It is necessary to go with the right massage application, one that suits your skin type and health in general. Any massage treatment that doesn’t go well with your skin and body type may cause several side effects, including vein and blood capillaries’ enlargement, unusual sweating, skin irritation, and more. Therefore, it is essential to test your skin and body type before taking a massage therapy session.

Bone Fracture

It is one of the most critical side effects you will experience, although it is rare. You are more likely to experience a bone fracture if you’re suffering from any disease like rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis, or cancer.

In such diseases, your bones become unusually delicate. Thus, you can get a fracture in the bone even with the slightest pressure from your massage chair.

Before choosing to opt for massage chair treatment while having such conditions, it is wise to negotiate with a physician first.

Body Inflammation

 As we know, the body released several toxins and enzymes after taking a massage chair session. It is a primary reason why experts recommend drinking much water having a massage session as it helps removes the enzymes & toxins.

Variously, these accumulated toxins and enzymes can cause inflammation in the body.

In the case of an inactive immune system, your body is more inclined to catching infections. It is safe to consult massage therapy experts to avoid disease beforehand.

Low Blood Sugar Level

Another severe result of using a massage chair is a low level of blood sugar. It is hard why specialists appoint people with diabetes not to take massage chair therapy.

 Always monitor the massage settings closely and get your blood sugar level checked period wise if you have diabetes.

Massage Chair is Harmful to back.

Research has that “benign back pain” cannot prevent us from practicing using the electric massage chair. Though, what is less known is that these devices do not recommend for curing back pain? And unlike the massage seat, a professional physiotherapist is in the best position to see the patient’s condition.

Moreover, in acute and inflammatory pain, it is wise to leave the massage chair to concentrate on its treatment temporarily.

Massage chairs come in a lot of varieties and with a lot of different mechanisms. Or, if you are getting one for yourself, get one that suits your weight. Overloading the chair causes it to works improperly, and you could end up bruising and stiffening your muscles.

 Massage chairs involve placing your head on the face cradle. Many people use these chairs in a Spa, and there is no way of making sure that the cradle has clean and disinfected after every use. There is a chance that someone with a contagious disease (usually a common cold) has used the chair before you. The same applies when you are using it.

Please don’t use it when suffering from any infectious disease. One of the massage chairs’ benefits is lowering blood pressure. If you already suffer from low blood pressure, it is better to ask your physician before using one.

 Several Points to Consider

  1.  People with severe skin problems like ringworms & burns should altogether avoid using a massage chair.
  2.  Excess use of a massage chair produces stress hormones in the body, creating anxiety and stress.
  3.  It can additionally cause sciatica pain, let alone alleviate it.
  4.  Massage chair remedies can cause paralysis if used for more than 15 minutes.