How to Choose a Massage Table

how to choose a massage table

As a professional massage therapist, A massage table is the most important tool for your practice. Without a massage table, you cannot perform your activities effectively

With too much diversity in Massage tools, selecting the right massage table for you is complicated. Here are key points that will help you select the best massage table.

A good massage table should have all of the basic requirements for a therapist in equipment. Moreover, this guide will help massage therapists find out the best massage table for professional use.

factors to choose a Massage table

here is a list of factors you must consider while selecting a massage table

  • Table weight
  • fabric styles and quality
  • Weight capacity
  • Width of a massage table
  • Table height and length
  • Adjustable features
  • Foam thickness
  • Price
  • Material composition
  • Shelf Life and durability
  • Reviews

Table weight 

if you are a mobile therapist, the weight factor is the most important for moving client to client. Loading and unloading with a single hand are matters in mobile massage therapy. Massage table ranges between 10 to 20 KG.a heavyweight massage table is difficult to carry

The weight depends on the size of the table and the material it is made, so you have to make the decision accordingly. it will be best if you go with the lightweight and portability to manage your routine daily

Fabric Styles and Quality 

Leather is considered the most essential material for the massage tabletop becuase it is durable and easy to clean. It also matters which type of leather is being used as the massage tabletop.

Typically PVC leather and PU leather are used in the massage table. PVC leather is trendy for the massage table. This type is durable but does not feel smooth to the skin. On the other hand, PU leather is very soft to the skin, more durable than PVC, very easy to clean.

Weight Capacity

by weight capacity, we mean the weight a table can handle/hold. Weight capacity includes the weight of your clients, along with the pressure you will put while working. Primary massage tables have a weight capacity from 400 to 600 pounds.

As a massage therapist, it is crucial for you to consider the client’s weight and pressure capacity while working.

Table width

table width is also an essential factor while choosing a good massage table. As a massage therapist you need to select a table that suites to every type of body shapes.

However as a professional massage therapist, your personal height is also matters for selecting accurate width table. if your height is short you should go for 28 inches table. consequently, you can choose table width ranging from 28 to 32 inches.

you can also go with tables having large width to facilitate healthy clients. likewise you can go with reasonably large table to facilitate taller clients. make a wise decision while selecting a professional massage table with proper width as per your requirements

Table Length and Height

When it comes to choose a portable massage table, table length and your height also an important factor to consider.  Different tables comes in different heights, you need to choose as per your height.

You should consider table length as per your client. It doesn’t matter either your height is 5 or 6 but you have to choose a table that will fit for your client and easy to move for you. The normal 73 inches table size will suites you to carry and serve your clients

Adjustable Features

Mostly experienced massage experts use massage tables that have adjustable features. Every massage table have adjustable features vary from other massage tables. By adjustable features we mean A massage table that make the job easy and more efficient.

Adjustable height feature is an important element in adjustable feature while to choose an ideal massage table. Now modern massage tables have great mechanism with adjustable knobs and push buttons to adjust massage table legs

It is also very important factor to consider when it comes to head and neck massage treatment. A good massage table must have adjustable features to support head and neck massage or any other similar massage treatment

Padding – Standard padding on most treatment tables is 3-4″; some brands offer 6″ padding upgrades.

Back Lift – Tables that divide into two sections where one section can “lift” are called “Lift Back” tables.

Rest Cradles – Are available in a wide variety of shapes and with varying degrees of comfort. Some are firm, others offer gel inserts for maximum comfort.

Bolsters -Bolsters come in all different sizes and are handy accessories to have on hand for clients with special needs

Arm Rests–arm rests offer added comfort and security for clients.

Stools–Normally, available in adjustable height to match your table.

Table Shelves– Most stationary and electric tables are available with added shelves.

Music– Bluetooth connection in now available as a feature for many massage tables

Carry Bags – for Portable Tables

Travel Cart – for Portable Tables

Foam Thickness

For business, client satisfaction is a top priority. When it comes to choose a massage table should be high quality with thick foam. You always want to make sure your client have a wonderful experience and will back for the service again.

Foam thickness

Massage table with thick foam will provide a great massage experience to your client and last longer. You should choose a massage table that will provide sufficient support and comfort to your clients


When It come to the price, I will recommend you to go for quality irrespective of price. If you are looking to practicing massage then you should choose a portable massage table around $120. Massage table price vary from $ 100 to $400 with respect to quality of material.

If you want to go for long run, you have to go for a good massage table. You should choose a massage table as per your budget, quality and career level. In start you can go with an average massage table but if are experienced you must go with a high quality massage chair

Material Composition:

                Wood vs aluminum

Well, this is an interesting scenario for massage therapist to choose one from the wood or aluminum massage table. Aluminum designs are modernized with stylish and sleek look to make the table more attractive. Wood designs also have an attractive look. A message therapist have to make the right decision about selection of massage chair that which will be more comfortable and suitable for his client

wood massage table

                Metal vs aluminum

Massage industry is now modernized and there are multiple options to select a product. Every product have a number of features. in early years massage tables were made of metal. But today most of the massage chairs are made of aluminum and have low weight as compared to metal.

To sum up material composition, aluminum massage table is best as compared to wooden massage table. There is not a big price difference if we compare aluminum and wooden massage chair. Aluminum massage table have push button for height adjustment

Self-Life and Durability

Massage table is your business asset and also have some depreciation value. Massage table approximately have some life under wear and tear condition. A good massage table have more durability as compared to normal massage tables. A non-portable massage table have more durability as compared to portable massage chair.

where to Buy Massage table

As you can see, there are multiple factors to choose a good massage chair that fit for your business. if you want to buy a Quality massage table, you have to visit massagxpert to find out excellent table for your professional use. we have explored various kind of perks that will help you to get a massage table that will suite for your business needs.