How to Fix a Massage Chair

How to set massage chair

Massage chairs that are built to last a lifetime are primarily made of high-quality materials. This machinery that provides you comfort and relaxation in your home is easy to maintain and is designed for everyday life. But in case your massage chair stops working it is a big help to know some handy hacks and knows how to fix it yourself easily.

Lucky for you that most of the massaging chairs come with excellent customer care service and support teams that can answer any questions and help you do a thorough check to find problems.

If you fix minor problems related to your massaging chair, it will give you a lifetime of support and companionship. The following tips and guidelines on setting a massage chair will help you pave your way through the path of fixing your massaging chair successfully. 

How to fix Massage chair

Fix your Massage chair with simple steps

How to troubleshoot your massaging chair without problems:

If you own many electrical gadgets, you know that they are bound to glitch and get stuck from time to time. The first recommendation that every household knows about is the on and off method. Restarting the massage chair is relatively easy if you want to go that way. You can easily follow the reset instructions inside a manual.

If the problem persists once you have reset it and turned it on and off, is it the perfect time to try troubleshooting your massaging chair? Most manual guide to reset massage chairs luckily comes with their section on troubleshooting your massaging chairs properly.

Make sure that if you are not familiar with machine repair, then taking your chair apart without your companies supervision might result in further damage that could be irreversible. You can also contact the company directly for help. Or you can call them to send a representative that will help you in fixing the chair.

These representatives are trained to spot problems and repair them onsite with ease. Here are a few common scenarios that might help you pinpoint the source of the chair is experiencing.

Massage chair Noise

You might hear a clicking noise that indicates that some vital machinery has been popped out of place from the most used joint like the footrest, the problem might be a screw loose or broken, or a nut died from excessive use. The solution to this problem is relatively easy. Just tighten the screw with a screwdriver or the sharp end of a handy scissor. Or, if the nit is broken or bent, you can easily replace it with the same size nut or screw, and your problem is solved!

Problem with Seating Pad 

Due to excessive use, the sitting pad on the chair might have flattened out. It looks and sounds insignificant but does not feel minor. When you sit on a crooked and flat chair, it is pretty uncomfortable and dangerous for your back.

You might get bad back or back pain and aches due to the flat seating area. Back problems can make your lives a living hell if you have ever had one, and that makes this problem quite serious. Luckily there is an easy fix to this problem.

All you have to do is replace the seating pad with a plumper and better cushion quality. Make sure that this new one supports your back and relieves tension from your thighs and hamstrings to bring you the ultimate comfort restored.

The motor may stop working.

Your electronic footrest or the massaging chair motor might get stuck after using it for a while. The leading causes for that to happen are that it might need servicing and oiling the machine parts. All you have to do is use the warranty on your chair, or if it is expired, take it to your nearest massaging chair outlet and get its services.

Nine times out of times, it just needs oiling and some cleaning. Years’ worth of dust and other particles might hinder the smooth movements of your massaging chair. Or there might be a bar disconnected but don’t worry, and you can also reattach that quite easily with the help of a trusty screwdriver.

Airbag Not working:

The airbags of your massaging chair sometimes do not inflate in the massing model. If you use the massaging feature a lot, then you might encounter this problem quite frequently. However, it is quite a simple problem that you can fix quickly.

It is probably just a tubing of the airbag that may be leaking or disconnected entirely. All you have to do to improve that is reattach it yourself easily, or in the unlikely event that it is broken or dripping, you can replace it.

fix a massage chair

 How to fix massage chair effectively?

If you have owned your massaging chair for quite some time, you will need to do some repairs to help it operate like it is excellent and new. But like another patient, you need to diagnose them to see what is wrong and fix it. So here is a pro tip to make yourself from any harm: make sure that your massaging chair is unplugged from any king or electrical source or outlet.

Squeaky parts:

A squeaky massage chair is an easy fix like we discussed above. You can do it yourself and save the many you have to pay the repairmen for just oiling your massaging chair. Mainly squeaking occurs at the joins and moving parts like the footrest or the backseat recliner feature if your massing chairs have that.

Loose scissors:

if you didn’t know, scissors are the jointed metal arms that make the movements of your massaging chair possible. That allows the massaging feature in your chair to work smoothly. To fix that, you can quickly turn the massager char on its side and use a handy wrench from your toolbox to tighten all the nuts and bolts that hold your massaging scissors together.

Again we have a valuable tip for you: you need to always start from the inside. Start tightening the nuts from the inside first, and then work your way outside.

Stains and tears in the upholstery:

You can fix these minor problems need to waste money on a maintenance specialist or any visit to the outlet. A small sewing kit and washing rags will do just the trick. If you are handy with a needle, then that is a plus point for you.

You can easily clean any stains and wear tear with the help of some soapy water and excellent home remedies to clean your sofas. You can find this sofa cleaning DIY technique online for free. Like lemon juice and baking soda can take out coffee stains and such.

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